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LINK TO: brand writing, graphic design and promo video samples

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Teaser Trailer – Zoomer Travel Club (Northern Italy)

Magazine Highlight Reel 2018 / 2019

Promo & Narrative Director’s Reel 2017

Life Simplified – HOW TO episodes

Podcast samples

GOOD PLACE – trailer

Photography – Samples

Good Place – Full short film

The ©orruption of an Innocent Baby Girl Genius – PSA – 1 min.

Wet Wool – Comedic Short: 6 mins

Cream Toronto – Club Night Promo Video

Wanderlust Series – Interviews / Promotional

Guido – Dramatic Short: 10 mins

Havana Nightlife – Tourism Commercial – 30 Seconds

Playing with my Flash Robot – 1 min.

TV Promo and Interview Segments

Dance – Dramatic short: 4 mins

Antonio Vargas & Judy Gold – 90 sec.

Cayo Largo Island Life – Tourism commercial – 30 Seconds



Boochie Blog

Nido Home Designs

Nido (Italian)- English translation means “nest”. By definition; to nest is to find a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; common habitat; home. Nido home design by definition does…

Promo Portfolio – Writing, Graphic Design and Videos

Small Sizes_writing sample-Bucci I am an independent, multi-faceted media producer with a strong branding and marketing background. Skills include development of brand…

Working on the VACATION VS. STAYCATION Commercial: The Parallax Process

The process of making this commercial began back in June. I had a concept and knew I wanted to work with still…

On-Camera Reel, Links & Segments

On-camera work that I also produced, etc… This first clip is an on-camera reel of work I have done for TLN … as I’m…

Good Place page, stacked with new trailer and clips!

Click here for Film Page–>>—>>> Good Place Page! I’m preparing my latest short to come to the web…for FREE! Currently it is still…


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