Bucci directing actors_Good Place

Seamus Morrison, Dyan Bell and Gina Bucci

Good Place (the alternative edit: aka the Big Lesbo Cut) premiered at Inside Out Toronto. More details here

The film will be released  on this site in July, for now – enjoy!

Here’s a snippet of this nice review the film has received…

“It’s a sweet, lovely, mystical and even phantasmagorical little picture that continues to solidify Bucci as a genuine force to be reckoned with in Canadian Cinema. Ever since seeing one of her first short films, the original and profoundly moving A Quiet Little Riot, I’ve been looking forward to each new work by Bucci with baited breath.”

The full review HERE.

Posters for the film designed by G. Bucci (click to enlarge)…

B&W poster_with stills-01

   Good Pace_poster_ver 3_diff sky-01

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