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Nov 29, 2016


I am an independent, multi-faceted media producer with a strong branding and marketing background. Skills include development of brand identity, with special attention to voice and tone. On the media side: copy writing (long form and interactive), script writing, concept development, directing, producing, shooting, editing, graphic design and other media design elements (motion graphics, colour grading, sound editing, some animation and coding).

(video clips and commercials are featured below the writing samples.)




The following specs speak to these brand’s identities. They are not campaign or product specific per se but if I wrote these correctly (crosses fingers), they should be timeless in message.

Spec commercial and promotional spots (will open as PDFs):


1. Spec TV spot – Fake It Til You Make It_Nike

2. Almost Paradise – sample TV travel spot

3. My Pride Weekend – Extended Web Promotional Video


 Copywriting samples in PDF form (long form letters and mockups)

1. corporate-bifold-final-3

2. customer-letter_for-branch-distribution

3. Email – Thank You for Subscribing




These are samples of recent copy, editing, branding and graphic design work. A good portion of the content in this section below is from my last employer (except the movie posters). I have also included samples of technical writing that suits that brand (casual and direct). I have crafted several video promos for this company myself (some featured below too).






Narrative REEL

Credits: Director and Producer on all material shown – Writer, Videographer, Editor, Effects Design and Colourist on most clips




The ©orruption of an Innocent Baby Girl Genius – PSA

Credits: Director | Writer | Producer | Videographer | Editor | Actor


Cream – Club Night Promotional Video

Credits: Director | Videographer | Producer | Editor | Design | Colourist


Travel & Lifestyle promo spot – Havana – 30 seconds

Credits: Director | Videographer | Producer | Editor | Design | Colourist


Travel & Lifestyle promo spot – Cayo Largo – 30 seconds

Credits: Director | Videographer | Producer | Editor | Design | Colourist


Web promo spot –  Vacation vs Staycation

Credits: Director | Producer | Writer | Editor | Motion Graphics Design | Graphic Design | Colourist


Check out more promotional spots on my Vimeo Promotional channel!



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